5 Day In-Class Program


The York Region TAMI Coalition provides a 5 day program to high school classrooms where mental health and addiction education is part of the course. The following subjects are appropriate as part of the curriculum for these courses: English, anthropology, sociology, psychology; health; family studies; religion.

Day/Period 1: A YR TAMI Coalition member introduces the Program

Day/Period 1-3: Teachers deliver materials from the teachers guide

Day/Period 4: The YR TAMI Coalition member returns to the class with speakers who tell their stories of living with mental illness, addictions and the associated stigma.

Day/Period 5: Teachers focus on debriefing and support networks

Please note there is fee for the youth speakers.

Contact: Debbie Hinton 905-830-4444 ext. 4543 or debbie.hinton@york.ca for more information on the T.A.M.I. 5 Day Class Program